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Ken Shifts Gears To Pro Truck Series

March 2009

This young talent will be put to the test in 2009 as he transitions from Quarter Midgets to Pro Trucks.  After 5 1/2 years racing Quarter Midgets around the country Ken can't wait to put his unique combination of natural ability and acquired skill toward the next racing challenge.  And, to Ken and his family, Pro Trucks seem like the perfect progression.  Of course, if it had been up to 12 year old Ken he would have been ready to make the jump 2 years earlier, however his young age was a factor.  Normally the Pro Truck division is not open to anyone under age 14.  But early in 2009 Ken, with his extensive racing resume, along with a few other younger racers with the desire for something new applied for special clearance and waivers.  Ken was finally given the green light in late February.

With the season opener less than a month away now it's a whirlwind of frenzied preparations and Ken has big plans for his rookie season.  "My ultimate goal this year," says Ken, "is to do good enough to be able to move up to the regular division and win my first Pro Truck race!"  Ken is definitely full of ambition and willing to work hard to get there.  He's spent most of his spare time in the last several years helping his dad work on his quarter midget race cars and gaining experience with small engines, carburetors, chassis set-ups and more.  This hands-on approach has given Ken a solid foundation of basic racing knowledge from which to grow.

This knowledge, along with his thousands of laps behind the wheel of his Quarter Midgets has definitely already proven him to be a formidable competitor earning a reputation for being a threat to win wherever he raced.  The question facing any driver though as they move into new arenas, and Ken is no exception.....can he rise to the challenge as he transitions from one level to the next?  Certainly it will be a test of this young man's commitment, as well as his talent.

Ken and his team also understand the importance of cultivating strong business partnerships and believe their ability to act as brand spokespersons and assist with marketing efforts offers businesses unique advertising alternatives and the opportunity to grow with a young, talented, developing driver.  With little time to prepare for the 2009 race season Ken and his team decided to begin their search for sponsors on a grassroots, community-based level.  The idea behind the 2009 program:  work to gain the recognition of the local community by reaching out and attracting area businesses to participate and support a local boy with a dream - in turn we're able to offer in exchange a fun and exciting way for these business partners to capitalize on the value of helping those within their own community.  It's a win-win program which has excited 36 sponsors to join the Ken Lilley Racing Team!

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With the clearance to run and the support of great sponsors Ken is definitely shifting gears and headed in the right direction in 2009.













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